Who Mars Machinery is ?

Zhengzhou Mars Machinery was founded as a combination of ORI Diamond Tools and QianRen Technology. ORI Diamond Tools was a professional diamond tools supplier while QianRen Technology specilaized in gear box designing and development. Both ORI and QianRen exported products to international markets and got approvals from clients for their quality products and excellent after-sales services. The new combination mainly focus on floor grinder research and development.

Why Mars Marchinery pay attention on floor grinder ?

With deep learning about concrete/stone floor processing and renovation, Mars Machinery decide to pay attention on floor grinders. Mars run a manufacturing company for floor grinder not only because of the high demand from the markets but also we were shocked by the high costs but bad designings, low quality machines in markets. We had experience and knowledge in the field to create higher quality and good designings floor grinders with reasonable prices.

What we do ?

We research. We understand that the technology never stops going forward. Our engineers committed to continuous development of new and better products. And our board team realized the important of academic exhange. The engineers went to South Korea and Europe for industries technology exchange. And we establish smooth cooperative relationship with colleagues for theory and practice combination. As for floor grinder, we make improvement for the gear box to make it work more quiet and longger life.

We manufacture. Till now, we have two factories located in central China. One is for diamond tools manufacturing and the other is for floor grinders research and development. With our own manufacturing facility, we have substantial control over the quality, the production cost and the lead time.

We are interested in the personal growth of all of our customers. With a growing number of floor grinding and polishing in our network, you can be guaranteed that your Machines, Tool Parts and Support needs are always taken care of right away. We look forard to working together with you in the future.