Planetary Floor Grinder MGS680

  • 3 Phasese 220V/380V/460V, 11KW Motor
  • 4 Satellite Grinding Heads
  • Grinding Width 680mm
  • Tooling Speed RPM 0-1500
  • Machine Weight 490kg

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The MGS680 is our transition size (grinding width 680mm) planetary floor grinder which designed with 4x230mm grinding satellite heads. MGS680 floor grinder is dust free when connected to the dust collection system.

  • CNC machined aluminium alloy Gear Box
  • Thermal refining and Permeability Nitrogen Gears
  • Flexible fixation grinding heads
  • Quick and Easy Change for Diamond Tools
Technical Data
Model Motor Invert Volt Grinding Width Rotation Speed Tooling Speed Water Tank Weight
MGS680 11kw 15kw 220V/380V/460V 680mm 0-300rpm 0-1500rpm 34lt 490kg

MGS650 and MGS750 are with almost same features. The difference is just that the MGS650 has no driving motor. It should be pushed forward by worker.

Planetary System 4 Satellite Heads

FWD (Forward-Rotating)

REV (Reversal Reverse)

Gears and Gear Box

Thermal refining and Permeability Nitrogen Gears

CNC Machined Aluminium Alloy Gear Box

Convenient Control Panel and Electric Safety

Emergency Stop, LT/RT, Grinding Speed, Light ON/OFF

CE Certificated 32A Explosion-Proof Plug

Convenient Connector for Dust Vacuum

40mm Connecter for Vacuum Pipe

Dust Collect Pipe Coupling

Additional Weight

Backward for grinding pressure reduction

Forward for grinding pressure increasing

Screw and Wheel


Anti-friction Wheel

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