T Metal Diamonds

  • Trapezoid Shape Plate with 3 location holes
  • Metal Diamond Segments
  • 12MM Thickness Working Layer
  • Grit  16#, 30#, 60#, 120#

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T (Trapezoid) Metal Diamonds are designed with trapezoid shape plates on which metal diamond segments are welded. Diamond segments is with 12mm thickness and with several different shapes. Grit numbers are always 16#,  30#, 60#, 120# before resin bond diamonds. And other grit numbers are also availble on requests.

T (Trapezoid) Metal Diamonds are ideal tools for curved concret surface removal and coarse grinding on dry condition. They can be used on both Mars machines and machines from other supplliers.

 Item No. Segment Height Grit Bond Agent
 MT-TMD  12mm 16#, 30#, 60#, 120# Metal Segment
Other Grit numbers are available on requests.

All the following types are available on requests. And all of them can be used on MARS machines. The 3 location holes are with diameter 9mm.


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