T PCD + Diamonds Segments

  • Trapezoid iron body with 3 location holes
  • Type one with 3pcs 50% PCD Pellets
  • Type two with 2pcs 25% PCD Pellets
  • One 8mm thickness diamond segment
  • for floor epoxy and old curved concrete removal

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T (Trapezoid) PCD + Diamond Segments are designed by two different types (One is with two 25% PCD Pellts and one 8mm thickness diamond segment. The other is with three 50% PCD Pellets and one 8mm thickness segment.)  for floor epoxy and curved concrete coarse removal. The trapezoid iron plates are with 3 location holes.

 Item No. Diament Segment Grit and Thickness PCD Size  Bond Agent
 MT-TPS01  30#, 8mm Thickness 50% of Whole PCD Pellet PCD Pellets + Diamond Segment 
 MT-TPS02 30#, 8mm Thickness 25% of Whole PCD Pellet PCD Pellets + Diamond Segment  

The two different types of T (Trapezoid) PCD + Diamond Segments are with same trapezoid iron body which have 3 location holes. The difference is that they just with different size of PCD Pellets.

Item No. : MT-TPS01

Item No. : MT-TPS02

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